Bringing Brothers Together

To Fight Gun Violence.

One Life At A Time


Through our Listening to the Streets initiative, we mentor young men starting at age 13, connecting them with resources to steer them away from gun violence. We also work with adults up to age 35 in a separate 3-week initiative that leads to job opportunities. All participants receive a $15 an hour stipend.  

Connecting Mentees to Resources

Our social work team maintains a database of resources to assist mentees in our six focus areas:


We created our "Listening to the Streets" initiative to provide our mentees with job opportunities as a way to decrease gun violence.

Criminal Justice

We partner with other organizations to help our mentees with criminal justice issues and provide our mentees with character references when they earn them.


We provide our mentees with the resources they need to further their education, which helps them to move beyond jobs and into careers.


We seek to work with mentees and their families to form functioning teams that help all of us to move forward.


We share our experience with fatherhood in order to help our mentees have better outcomes with their children.

Financial Literacy

We provide our mentees with a course on financial literacy, helping them to gain a solid understanding of concepts like budgeting, credit, and saving.

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Our mission


ManUpPHL’s mission is to step into the lives of those who are statistically most likely to be impacted by gun violence in our city, and to provide them with the mentoring, accountability, resources and consistency they require to change their lives and make our communities better.

Volunteer Training

ManUpPHL is looking for

individuals in the Philadelphia area who are committed to supporting and guiding young men between the ages of 13-35  away from gun violence. If that’s you, please register for our next volunteer training below, or email us at