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Bringing Brothers Together To Fight Gun Violence. One Life At A Time


Our mission

ManUpPHL's mission is to step into the lives of the men who are statistically most likely to be victims or perpetrators of gun violence in our city, and to provide them with the mentoring, accountability, resources and consistency they require to change their lives and make our communities better.

We provide support in 5 areas: Employment, Criminal Justice, Education, Family & Fatherhood, Financial Literacy.

If you're a man 18-35 in need of support, we want to help you. 


We connect mentees to job opportunities and other resources while also providing help with criminal justice issues if necessary. We can provide transportation assistance and make referrals to assist with food, housing, and other needs.


Connecting Mentees to Resources

Our social work team maintains a database of resources to assist mentees in our five focus areas:


We provide for our mentees is a job, so they can take care of themselves and their family with programs like "Listening To The Streets".


We look to keep family units together by giving our mentees the proper guidance and everyday situations.

Criminal Justice

We partner with other organizations to help get a mentees record expunged if necessary or possible.


We give our mentees the tools they need to navigate this part of their life and be a strong role model for their family.


We provide our mentees with the resources to further their education which increases the likelihood of them getting employed.

Financial Literacy

We provide our mentees with guidance on spending money wisely and effectively once they get it.

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