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ManUpPHL serves young men of color between 18 and 35 who are statistically most likely to be impacted by gun violence. Our main initiative, Listening to the Streets, is an eight-session series that explores the causes and solutions for gun violence. Each participant receives:

  • A $240 stipend and a daily complimentary meal.

  • Mentoring sessions on life skills, financial literacy, and job readiness.

  • A group session with a licensed therapist.

  • A mentor to provide ongoing guidance.

  • The opportunity to provide real-life solutions to gun violence.

  • A job opportunity with one of our program partners, so long as the participant is qualified and available for work.

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We have a team of brothers waiting to support and connect you with resources related to Jobs, Education, Criminal Justice, Family/Fatherhood, and Financial Literacy.

Give us a little info and join us at our mentoring sessions so we can get started helping you. 


Become a mentor or join one of our support teams: Fundraising, Grant Writing, Social Work, Social Media, Computer & Tech, Phones, Outreach

All volunteers are asked to commit to 3hrs/wk for 6 months.  Necessary training will be provided.


A donation can help our mentees with transportation to attend mentoring session.

A donation can help pay stipends for mentees.

 A donation can provide clothing assistance for a job-seeking man

A donation employs a part-time ManUpPHL staff member for 6 months

Thank you for your support!